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The Department of Ecological Science is an integral part of the Institute of Landscape Water Management. Several teachers work in the Department of Ecological Science not only in connection with lectures on environmental topics but the Department of Ecological Science also addresses the human impact on water in the landscape in the context of the services it provides:

  • Processing of studies and expert opinions in the area of reed bed water treatment plants, stabilization ponds, earth filters and other natural technologies
  • Consulting in the field of technical solutions for water management
  • Assessments and simulation of water flow in the soil environment
  • Simulation of the flow of diffuse pollution in the soil environment
  • etc.

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Natural water purification methods

A phenomenon and a condemned technology, often battling against lobbyists and so-called concrete workers. It has its place on Earth since time immemorial - after all, all life on the planet began already millions of years ago thanks to the development of micro-organisms, bacteria and viruses. These organisms are the main reason for the functioning of natural processes, on which natural purification methods are built. It is only up to the designers to configure and ensure the appropriate environment for the bacteria to ensure pollution concentrations at the outlet from the treatment facilities that are very close to zero.

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Applied ecology

Přenáška předmětu Aplikovaná ekologie